Roosevelt Sources Questions

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1) At the time when Roosevelt was running for president, had gained a lot of supporters because of in speeches he was very charismatic and energetic and had persuaded the American people that he would help America from the situation they were in. America was hit with the depression and was in desperate circumstances to get out of it. He had promised them a New Deal, which would help America to get back on its feet and will benefit all the workers. At the time the President was Hoover. Being a Republican his beliefs were that everyone should help themselves and the government should not play a part in helping. The wealthier were able to live out a normal life, but the middle class and workers had suffered greatly, which had led to homelessness and unemployment. Roosevelt was a Democrat and had completely opposite views to the Republicans. He believed that the government should use all the power and money it has to help the workers with their problems such as unemployment. He unlike Hoover offered hope to most Americans that with his help he can bring back America to normality. Hoover not offering any hope gained Roosevelt a lot of supporters than he may have expected.

2) Source B is in favour of Roosevelt. He was either a democrat or a supporter of Roosevelt or had benefited from the New Deal. He clearly only makes comments on Roosevelt’s good points such as the point where the person says how Roosevelt had helped America immensely with the depression and how hard and well he did to try to solve the problem of unemployment. The person who wrote this doesn’t mention a failure or any type of crisis that Roosevelt may have. The person speaks as if America has been totally freed from the depression and Roosevelt has solved everything. The personal finally mentions although it may have seemed to some people that Roosevelt was trying to be a dictator, but this was not true at all because the public would have not continually voting for him to stay as president.

        Source C Is the complete opposite to Source B, it is obvious that this historian was against Roosevelt and what he had done. The historian may have the beliefs of a republican or though the tactics of Roosevelt were incorrect. He or she could also have been apart of a wealthy family furthermore did not gain from Roosevelt’s New Deal. The historian comments only on negative aspects of when Roosevelt was in power and no positives at all. The person talks about Roosevelt using too much money of the governments and causing huge debts as well as making taxes prices higher. The historian also comments on how Roosevelt had become a dictator or was trying to.

        It is obvious that both people had very different views on Roosevelt and have completely opposite views on Roosevelt

3) Source D has a poster of a typical middle class white family driving a car. This poster intends to say that nearly everyone will have a car. In front of the big picture of the middle class white family is a row of black people lining up for handouts. The source is a photo strongly against Roosevelt. The provenance of this source is unknown, but is most likely could have been from a group of blacks protesting that blacks are not equally benefiting as the whites in the New Deal. The photo may have been taken from a Republican, who had lost out politically and are trying to gain more enemies for Roosevelt and make him loose some voters through propaganda. The photo may have also been taken from a wealthy person who has not benefited from the New Deal, but are loosing out. The photo basically symbolises that not everyone has benefited from the New Deal and black are being treated differently. The photo is showing that Roosevelt had broken a promise by saying everyone benefits equally and in addition shows of him screening signs of racism. The Source is definitely against Roosevelt through propaganda, politically and also perhaps through racism.

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4) Source E is against Roosevelt. In this source the cartoonist shows a pump representing Roosevelt New Deal and is shown to be leaking. This shows that the New Deal is not working as Roosevelt told it. There are ‘leaks’ in the New Deal, which means there are faults with the New Deal and Moneys is being thrown away as the water represents money and the water leaking shows money is leaking, otherwise being wasted. There is also a taxpayer who is shown as a normal working person who is suffering to help Roosevelt with the New deal, which ...

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