The new deal was not a complete success". How far do you agree with this statement?

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History coursework the new deal  

(c) “The new deal was not a complete success”. How far do you agree with this statement?

There arguments that the New Deal was a success, but also there are arguments, which show that the new deal was not a complete success.

The parts of the new deal, which people thought were a success, are that the new deal sorted out the banking by protecting peoples savings and properties Roosevelt decided to close the banks because, during the depression banks were going bankrupt and with Roosevelt having this knowledge he decided to get all banks closed until they were fully checked by his advisors, the amount of banks that went bankrupt were mostly all of them, but 5000 banks were opened once they were checked by Roosevelt’s advisors because these banks were seen as financially saved banks. If his advisors thought that the bank would go bankrupt then they would decide to keep it shut until it would become financially secure. Within 4 days Roosevelt allowed banks, which were financially secure to open. He also introduced the Emergency Banking Act.  This act was introduced because Roosevelt wanted to prevent this disaster from happening again. If Roosevelt did not shut the banks then more banks would have gone bankrupt, this would then have lead to an increase in unemployment because banks would have made workers redundant therefore unemployment would have been caused. This would have seriously affected the economy because demand would have gone down resulting in a slow in the economy because less demand means less demand for products this automatically cuts jobs because the firm may have realised that people don’t buy that product anymore, therefore the firms will layoff workers, which will cause more unemployment. This is why it was important for Roosevelt to close the banks because it saved jobs. If he did not do this then unemployment would have been caused resulting in a knock on affect, which would cause further unemployment.

Also the new deal affected employment because, when Roosevelt was elected as American leader the economy was in economic depression. This meant that employment was low. Roosevelt’s aim was to build a strong economy to do this Roosevelt has to increase employment. To do this Roosevelt introduced many policies in the new deal, which reduced unemployment. He introduced policies such as the civilian conservation corps and the public works administration. This organisation created jobs and this is what was needed during that time.

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The federal emergency relief administration was set up to help the sick and poor instantly. This help was needed because at that time Americans needed help because they were in an economic depression. This helped the American public get back on its feet during the time of the depression.

The fireside chats were used by Roosevelt to connect with ordinary people and put up their spirits. This 60 million people used to listen to these chats; these chats enabled Roosevelt to get his views across to the American public. This is because many Americans were worried about the depression and ...

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