Was the treaty of Versailles a good treaty?

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                    Was the treaty of Versailles a good treaty?

The treaty of Versailles bad its good and bad elements to it. Depending on where you come from you will have different views on how the end product of the treaty was. Each of the leaders went with goals aimed at meeting their country views. However, in general all the leaders went from the treaty not achieving what they wanted. As the talks at Versailles went on it became clear that the very different objectives of the three leaders could not all be met. There are many answers to why no one could compromise on how Germany should or should not be treated, being from different areas of the world being a major factor. It was a very controversial issue at the time to how harsh Germany should be punished for accepting fully to the war gilt clause, Germany were forced to do this as part of the treaty. This was something that the leaders (especially Clemenceau) used to their advantage when the treaty was being drawn up.

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France went away from the treaty looking the worst off. This is for a number of reasons, mainly because France had the most aims out of all the three. France wanted back areas of Germany, which caused a lot of anger amongst German people, and it built up a lot of hate between the two countries. Germany complained that if France took away Germany’s industrial areas (which were originally Frances) it would crush the Deutsche mark and make a lot of problems in Germany’s economy.

The handing over of the industrial areas meant that sixteen per cent of Germany’s ...

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