What were the causes of the English Civil War?

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The Causes of the English Civil War

There were many causes that eventually forced the country into civil war and these causes are usually split up into long-term causes and short-term causes. I am going to start with the long-term causes. These events caused mistrust between Charles and Parliament. They could not cause a Civil War on their own, but they helped to make it possible.

From 1629 to 1640, King Charles ruled without Parliament. He still had the same old problem; how to raise enough money? He used 3 different methods to increase his income from £600,000 a year in 1629 to £900,000 a year by 1640. He did this by imposing forest fines, selling monopolies and collecting ship money.

The forests belonged to Charles. He had the boundaries of the forests fixed so anyone living inside the boundary had to pay a fine.

Counties in coastal areas of England were supposed to provide ships in time of war to protect England from invasion. Instead of sending ships they sent money called Ship Money. In 1634, Charles asked that coastal counties pay Ship Money and in 1635 he insisted that everyone pay it.
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Charles believed that Scotland should be more like England in religion. In 1637, Charles decided to impose the new Laudian style English Prayer Book on the Scots. Their response in 1638 was to draw up a Covenant rejecting Charles’ proposals. Both sides raised an army and in 1639 the First Bishops’ War began.

William Laud was the leading anti-Calvinist priest. In 1633, Charles gave him the top job, Archbishop of Canterbury. Whenever a bishop died he would replace him with a bishop that shared his views. By 1640, most bishops in England were Laudians although most people ...

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