Whose side would you be on in the English Civil War?

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Whose side would you be on in The English Civil War? Civil war was declared. In this essay, I will explain my choice on whose side I think I would be on in The English Civil War. I feel sorry for Charles I because in actual fact his wife Henrietta Maria persuaded him and left him with no choice to make the bad decisions he made. If it weren’t for his wife intruding in the king’s business there would not have been a Civil War. This makes me sympathise with Charles I. I would be a Parliamentarian because Charles I made some very terrible decisions such as in 1629 Charles I dismissed Parliament
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and decided to rule on his own, I think this was the wrong decision to make because standing on your own two feet is a very hard thing to do when there is a very large group of people who were the Parliamentarians. Especially when the citizens of England had voted for the best MPs for England. The King, Charles I  was meant to listen to the advice the Parliament was giving him but he chose not to care what the Parliament were saying and chose to rule on his own. I think this was a very foolish thing to ...

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