Why did the League fail to stop the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria?

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Why did the league fail to stop the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria?

In September 1931 Japan decided to invade Manchuria for space and resources. China had asked the league for help against the invasion. The league failed to help the Chinese and prevent the Japanese invasion because of various reasons. Most importantly reason was the time they took after they received the distress call from China. Other reasons such as the fact that the league did not have an army contributed to the decisions and also because they could not put economic sanctions due to USA not being part of the league. These factors allowed the Japanese Army to easily take over Manchuria with little resistance.

Firstly, in 1931 when the league got the plea for help from China the league decided that something needed to be done to help them. Due to lack of an army and not having US support the league took a long 9 months of discussion to send Lord Lytton with a Commission of Inquiry. The discussion took so long because no country wanted to offend a major power such as Japan and because Japan was part of the league itself no country wanted them to leave. In a vote on whether Japan should be condemned and should withdraw 40 countries were for the motion and Japan was against. In the end they had to resolve to the Commission of Inquiry. Lord Lytton arrived in Manchuria 3 months later; a whole year after the invasion began. By this time Manchuria had been conquered and the Japanese simply ignored Lord Lytton and the league. The lack of an immediate decision and action meant that the league could not help China.

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Secondly, the league had not set up an army and other sanctions would not work. This was a major hindrance because it meant that the league not take military action and deter the Japanese. Additionally, Japan was now a major power and countries such as the USA and the USSR were the only ones which had the power, resources and influence to stop Japan however they were not part of the league. Furthermore, due to the Wall Street crash all of the European countries were suffering and because of this there was no collective attempt to raise an army because ...

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