Why was there a crisis over Cuba in 1962?

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  1. Why was there a crisis over Cuba in 1962?

There were a few main reasons why there was a crisis over Cuba in 1962. After the Second World War and the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, there was growing competition between America and Russia while Stalin was in power. In 1945, during the Cold War, communism was at its height as Stalin had taken over Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czechoslovakia in his plan to spread communism throughout Eastern Europe.

America, determined to put a halt to the ongoing spread of communism, used the Truman Doctrine and Marshall plan to gain interest away from Russian dominancy. Throughout 1946, relations between the USA and the Soviet Union were rapidly deteriorating. America was deeply concerned by the supposed “Domino Theory” and felt they had to put a stop to this outrage. But still the Soviet Union strongly believed that communism was the way forward and that Capitalism was not the way to control a country. They were prepared to do anything to contain the spread of communism that was threatening the whole of Europe.

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The Berlin airlift was another important event that made it clear that America was doing everything possible to prevent the Soviets infecting their communist plague into the west, which the Berlin Blockade by the Soviets strongly suggested. Not forgetting the Korean War, which gave America even more incentive to wipe out communism.

The USA called their prevention of communism “containment”, meaning to use their power and wealth to stop the spread of communism for example The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.

All these key events helped encourage the growing aggression between the USA and the Soviet Union thus ...

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