Stages of a Bill to become an Act of Parliament

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Stages of a Bill to become an Act of Parliament

Green Paper

This is a consulation document for Law reform.  Whenever the government wishes to introduce a bill, it publishes a Green Paper.  Then the Labour Government introduced it in 1967.  The interested parties send comments to the relevant government department, so necessary changes can be made to the government’s proposals.

White Paper

Following Green Paper, the government will publish a White Paper which is a draft Act of Parliament, with its firm proposals for new law.

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First Reading

This is a formal procedure when the name and main aims of the Bill are read out.  The in the House of Commons MPs can vote for this is two different ways – Verbally by shouting ‘Aye’ or ‘No’ or formally by each member of the House walking through a special chamber.

Second Reading

This is the most significant process on the entire Bill in which MPs discuss the main principles behind the Bill.  The speaker of the House control the debate to ensure all MPs who wish to speak can do ...

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