Analysis of the Movie "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas"

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The film “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” is a good method of teaching young children about the horrors of the Holocaust.  The author (John Boyle) goes into detail about it, but within a young child’s comprehension. He also does put it, in perspective of a young child of which it is aimed at, something that will capture a young child’s attention, but also educate them about this part of history. It tells the story of a “forbidden friendship” and the idea of prejudice against a race of people (in this case the Jewish). It teaches young children from an early age not be prejudiced against other people because as we grow up in this generation, prejudice is increasing in the form of racism. But it is also important to note although the film is about the Jewish people, John Boyle puts it in a subtle manner as he doesn’t use the word Jew once in a prejudiced way.

The music at the start gives us an idea of happiness and satisfaction for Bruno because he has a happy life in Berlin. We do not hear this music again until the very end of the film. This indicates that Bruno wasn’t happy at his new home. At the end Bruno is dead and the music shows that this was the only way to be happy at his new house.

The recurring close-ups of Bruno’s face show us his big eyes and that highlights his naivety and innocence. This represents all children in Nazi Germany who can easily be persuaded that the right thing is happening. For example he thinks the place where his new house is, is called Out-with whereas it’s really called Auschwitz.

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One of the main visual images in the film is the idea of bars. This is to show Bruno’s feeling of captivity in his new house. This also shows how the Jews feel in their own “home” in the huts where they sleep. This is to help the audience feel what the Jews are feeling and to compare Bruno’s feelings with what the Jews are feeling. Their livelihood has been taken away and they are made to work, and then killed. Compared to the Jews feelings, Bruno’s feelings are almost nothing.

When Bruno falls of his homemade swing, he is ...

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