How Does The Director Tim Burton Convey The Alienation Of Edward Scissorhands At The Beginning Of The Film.

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How does Tim Burton the director convey the alienation of Edward Scissorhands in the beginning of the film?

Tim Burton uses many different techniques such as character, setting, colour, contrast and camera angles to convey the alienation of Edward in the beginning of the film. Tim Burton grew up in California in the 1960s where he watched cheap, low quality horror movies, as he had been interested in this genre for a while. Despite this interest in younger horror he worked on ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Fox and the Hound’ before moving on to create some of his well known titles such as ‘The Corpse Bride’, ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. In this film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Tim Burton uses sinister themes to continue the idea of younger horror. Throughout the film there are many autobiographical elements, which may represent parts of his childhood.
        The film Edward Scissorhands tells the story of Edward; the man created by an inventor, who died before finishing him and left Edward with scissors instead of hands. Edward is a very alienated character and Tim Burton uses Edwards’ unusual looks, clothing and his first impressions to make him seem more alien and unusual than he already is.

        In the beginning of the film Tim Burton uses the appearance of characters to begin to illustrate the alienation of Edward. He uses the appearance of Edward to make him seem as if he is an outcast as he is dressed in black leather garments that look as if they are part of his body. This helps to show the isolation of Edward as the rest of the people in the neighbourhood are all dressed perfectly with matching bags and shoes. This makes Edward seem like even more of an outcast as he has chaotic black hair with black leather boots which make him seem as if he is a monster like Frankenstein. Edward can be compared with the monster of Frankenstein in many ways as they have both been created by an inventor, and they are both classed as monsters, even though they both turn out much more inviting than before.

When the audience first see Edward emerging from the shadows they expect him to be dangerous and vicious as he is just a black outline and you can see the contours of the scissors which turn out to be his hands. In reality he is very scared and lonely as he has been isolated in the mansion ever since he was made. After Edward has first come out of the shadows he speaks to Peg, asking her not to leave. When they hear his voice it does not match his look so therefore the audience are not expecting it. This makes him seem even stranger as he not what is expected.

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Throughout the film, Edward’s personality develops and the audience start to see past the black leather and scissor hands and into his personality where he is very immature and child-like but yet he is very inquisitive. When Peg is bringing him back to her house in the car Edward is very curious about the neighbourhood and he does not seem to have a very good understanding of the world around him. When they are both in the car Edward seems very naïve and innocent as he has no real understanding of what life is like outside his mansion.

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