Techniques used to convey horror of war in Delbert Mann's All Quiet on the Western Front

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All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

One major theme of the film titled All Quiet on the Western Front directed by Delbert Mann is the horrors of war. Another is the effect of war on soldiers. The director revealed these themes through the scenes like the opening scene. The film was also made more interesting by using two film techniques which is sound and camera work. Both film techniques help show the destruction and horrors of the Great War.

The opening scene reveals the horror of war because it starts with trench warfare between the Germans and the French. Other scenes that are near the middle of the film also reveal the horror because they show the destructive effects of war. In the war there are lots of people getting killed through shell fires, rifles, and other weapons. The new weaponry used in the Great War like machine guns makes the war more deadly so more people died in the war. We see this when a soldier was choking after he fell into the trench where there was poisonous gas. Another example of this is when a soldier screams after a bomb landed near his trench. Long shot, aerial shot, panning, medium shot, tracking shot, and other film techniques help us view the horror of war.
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In the scenes where Paul Bauma’s friends are injured and in the scene where Paul and his injured friends are in the hospital, it shows how war can affect on soldiers by making them lose their will to live because some overreacted after a miserable experience like losing a leg which caused them to have a shell shock. In addition, war causes other soldiers to change their personalities like Paul. We see this when one of the soldiers tried to suicide by using an object to hit himself. Another example is when Albert said to Paul that he ...

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