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abstract definition

ab·stract (for adj., ab strakt, abstrakt′; for n.1 & vt.4, abstrakt′; for n.2, abstrakt′, ab strakt; for vt.1, 2, & 3, ab strakt)

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  1. thought of apart from any particular instances or material objects; not concrete
  2. expressing a quality thought of apart from any particular or material object beauty is an abstract word
  3. not easy to understand because of being extremely complex, remote from concrete reality, etc.; abstruse
  4. theoretical; not practical or applied
  5. designating or of art abstracted from reality, in which designs or forms may be definite and geometric or fluid and amorphous: a generic term that encompasses various nonrealistic contemporary schools

Etymology: < L abstractus, pp. of abstrahere, to draw from, separate < ab(s)-, from + trahere, ...

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