I have chosen to do my study on a comparison of hockey passing (hit and push).

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Janine Slater Pupil No: 9252                Analytical Investigation

Comparison Between The Push and Hit in Hockey

 Which is More Successful…?                P.E

Analytical Investigation.

When I had chosen these sports I had to rule out which sports I would not be able to have access to equipment easily, at first I recognised that swimming would be very hard as there is not really a quiet time after school hours to use the swimming pool publicly. Then I also ruled out netball, as this is not one of my favourite aspects of sport and would find it challenging to do my Analytical Investigation on this sport.  I was then left with Hockey and Badminton and as facilities I had in mind for Badminton were not available, I was left with hockey, which was a delight as I have three grass pitches available to me in my area and two Astroturf pitches. This would make it easy for me to arrange my sessions to suit the pupils and me.

I have chosen to do my study on a comparison of hockey passing (hit and push).

I am choosing this sport as I have been playing hockey now for three years at school and for nearly three years at Salford Youths also playing for Manchester Youths and Manchester Moss Park Ladies. I have taken part in the Greater Manchester Youth Games twice and also played in many different leagues and tournaments. I train once week and have a league match every other Sunday morning.

Since year 7 I have been taught the basic rules and skills of hockey in P.E in school. But since I have been attending Salford Youths my knowledge has widened.

I like to play hockey, as there is a certain amount of freedom while you are out on the pitch. Also as a Goal Keeper I like to have the control my team needs when they are playing out field. I understand positioning of players and have good judgement of layout and what works best with people of different abilities.

In my study I am aiming to help a selected number of pupils improve their hockey skills in passing. Through out my the six week investigation I will take 5 pupils and teach them the skills required to make a successful hit and push pass. I will do this but using the information below. Throughout my sessions I will amylase each person in my study and will keep a close eye on the improvements and corrections, which need help with.

In each session that I take with my pupils I will do:

A Warm up

Small Practice

Practice Test

More Skills Work

Actual Test

Cool Down

My time scale 

I will break down my skills into to sections and I will record my evidence in a table as below:

The Test

In my test I will be looking at the mentioned table above.

My test will be as follows…

       5m                   10m                                         15m

There will be one person situated at each   this person will receive the ball, which is being passed from each starting point. The distances are increased to monitor ability to pass with accuracy.

I have done this test and my results were as follows I did my initial test to discover how much work I would have to do with each pupil.


I have done this test and my results were as follows I did my initial test to discover how much work I would have to do with each pupil.


I have done these tests and show my results as follows, as I did my initial tests before my sessions began so that I could produce session plans, which would help each individual.

Analytical Investigation.

I am going to coach a small group of pupils for 5-6weeks, depending on the length of lessons and amount in a week I complete. I am going to concentrate on the different aspects of the Push and Hit pass in hockey. I will lead sessions myself; I will show the skills myself but also use pupils that are able to demonstrate the techniques in the correct way.

I will monitor throughout the sessions and will offer feedback using: partner and myself, pictures etc. My aim is to make pupils aware of their own strengths and weaknesses so that they can build on what they know and don’t know. I will encourage each pupil to analyse themselves and one and other

In each of my proposed sessions I will include:

  • A Warm up (see page…)
  • Small Practice
  • Practice Test
  • More Skills Work
  • Actual Test


  • Cool Down

When, where and how any information will be collected.

All the information I require come from sports books from the local and also my school library, I will also use the internet sites I know of and also any sports magazines I might be reading.

  • Visit local library
  • Use the Internet
  • Buy necessary magazines.

Session Focus

Session 1- Grip and Balance

Session 2- Stopping dead, passing

Session 3- Running to a moving ball and passing without stopping

Session 4- Follow Through

Session 5- Analysis

Time Line






Analytical Investigation.

Warming up before playing any sport is very important so that NO muscles are damages during the time you are playing your sport. Its is especially important when a fast pace is involved, as in team sports where you maybe able to rest for a few moment, but then are required again. A good warm up is the key part of a good training session as it gets all the blood flowing through the muscles and increases heart rate. This is so that we can work harder as they are ready for work.

Join now!

Neck Roll

Drop the chin down to chest, and then keeping chin down close to body, roll neck from shoulder to shoulder in a smooth motion. Do this 5 times side to side.

Shoulder Cross

Standing with legs shoulder width apart, with shoulders square, reach across body with right arm, and with left hand holding right arm just beyond elbow, press right arm closer in to the body, feeling mild tension in the shoulder. Hold for 15 seconds, and then repeat on left.

Triceps Stretch

Standing ...

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