The Government's Aim to begin a severe crackdown on knife related crime

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Citizenship Coursework

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Due to the significant increase in the amount of knife related crimes, the government are planning a serious crack-down and are doing all they can to alert people of the scale of severity. With 26 knife-related teenage deaths over the last year alone, it is become clear that the government need to act now by whichever means possible.

 In our last citizenship lesson we were presented with a photograph which the government were planning to blow up into posters and display them all around the UK on billboards to raise awareness of issues surrounding knife crime. The picture  is quite disgusting and quite hard to look at if you are of a squeamish disposition. It’s of a human hand with the wrist slashed into by a knife, you can see the cut is extremely deep and it appears to be a very brutal stab-wound.

This poster certainly demonstrated the shocking results of a knife attack but I believe it may be slightly too graphic to be posted up all over the country. Imagine having to take a walk down the street or go into town and seeing that picture staring you in the face. It could be especially distressing for the older generation. A constant reminder of what seems to be happening to our society.

Another point to make, anti the campaign, would take into consideration the fact that many young people are used to seeing graphic images and results of violence in their day-to-day lives. A lot of the films and computer games that many of today’s teenagers play are surrounded and based on violence and wounds and images like this one, are a regular occurrence on television. I’m not convinced that this image will have the same impact as it may have done, ten or so years ago. Therefore, the shocked and distressed  reaction the government were hoping to get by publicising images such as this may not be achieved.

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When I saw the picture for the first time, like many of my friends, I was shocked and quite disgusted. Not only does it look extremely painful but there is a very high chance, that this person had been stabbed for no apparent reason, just like many of the victims that had been murdered in London.

Young people especially, need to realise that going out with a knife and carrying one is not okay and is not the only way you will stay safe. A local incident happened only last week when a truck driver in North Baddesley was ...

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