Angela Fralick

Essay #8 Argumentation

According to Gore Vidal,” It is easy to discuss what has gone wrong with us.  It is not easy to discuss what should be done to correct what has gone wrong.  It is absolutely impossible the in our public discourse to discuss why so much has gone wrong and, indeed, has been wrong with us since the very beginning of the country, even before that when our white tribes were living elsewhere.”(Lowell Lecture-America First, America Last, America at Last)  From Gore Vidal’s perspective, America is bad, a land of “great unmentionable evil”, a land of sky gods (monotheism) and religions that he feels are anti-human, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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I believe that no country on this earth is perfect.  Every country has its’ flaws.  Flaws do not begot evil. I feel that a homeless person on the street begging for food is not evil, nor a millionaire who has made great choices throughout his/her life is not evil.  America is full of successful people, as well as middle class and the poor.  Diversity does not make evil.  “America;” as Dinesh D’Souza stated, “provides an amazingly good life for the ordinary guy.”(10 Great Things)  I believe that America is not evil.  America is an amazing country, a country where anyone ...

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