Christian places of Pilgrimage - The room of the last supper

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Describe a visit to a Christian place of pilgrimage

   Jerusalem is a city with many historical and sacred sites that are of great importance especially for the Christian religion. Christian pilgrims have different views on how it became a place of pilgrimage. Some say that it is after the death of Jesus while some people say that it is when Christians felt that they wanted to know more about the Christian religion and take it into historical account.

       Pilgrimage is the travelling or journeying of a believer in a faith or the follower of a religious sect to a sacred place within or outside the context of his religion. Pilgrimage is a very popular form of worship in all religions and those who go on pilgrimages are called pilgrims.

  Many religions go on pilgrimage but we are going to centralise this discussion on the holy sites in Jerusalem. This is because this is where Jesus was arrested, crucified and where he was resurrected. These interesting sites include….

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The room of the last supper

This place is also called the cenacle of the upper chamber room in which the Eucharist is based on. Seven weeks after the passion the Holy Spirit appeared to the disciple and this was the origin of the Pentecost, which is recorded in the New Testament in the book of acts of the apostle.

Almost every turning in the east Jerusalem reveals some significant site of religious or historical interests.

Central to the pilgrim’s journey is the Via Dolorosa.

        Further down to the streets, to the left ...

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