Family Man Murdered In Prison Escape Horror

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Canyon Creek awoke this morning in horror to discover the death of local jailer Burton Duff. During the night he was brutally beaten to death by multiple murderer Orrin Brower, in a desperate attempt by Mr. Brower to escape from jail.

Today the town of Canyon Creak is mourning the death of Mr. Duff (26). At 11pm last night Brower (30), who was awaiting trial for having brutally butchered his brother-in-law, grabbed an iron bar from outside his prison cell and attacked his unarmed guard. After having savagely beaten him to death detectives believe Brower stole Mr. Duff’s keys and escaped through an outer door, leaving the bloody, battered body of Mr. Duff lying on the cold prison floor. Soon afterwards the body was found by prison officer Mr. Rob Hanley, who said, “I found Burton’s body in a pool of his own blood, streaming from a huge wound in his forehead. He was lifeless; killed by a ruthless maniac.”

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“…one of our most able and hard-working men…”

After having fled to nearby ‘Carnole Wood’ Brower returned to the town’s prison at approximately 11.30pm and, allegedly, gave himself up, just as a posse of constables was about to begin searching for him. Local constable Tailer Hewitt claimed, “Brower’s face was as white as chalk when he came through the door. When he saw Burton’s body he looked behind him, as if he wanted to make a run for it. But he didn’t move so we seized him immediately. We were curious as to why he would give himself ...

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