In Rome, Christian's were viewed as different, and the Romans often blamed them if things went wrong

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Emperor Nero.

        Persecution means to treat someone with continuous cruelty or unfairness. People are usually persecuted because of their beliefs; it takes many forms including torture, imprisonment, violence, cruelty and many others. The followers of Jesus were known as Christians and in the time when Rome was ruled by Emperor Nero they were persecuted very harshly.

        In Rome, Christian’s were viewed as different, and the Romans often blamed them if things went wrong. The Romans were polytheists, this means that they believed in many God’s such as Venus, Cupid and Apollo. On the other hand the Christians were monotheists, this means that they believed in only one God. Sacrificing for their Gods was one thing that the Romans felt strongly about and believed in as they thought it would get the Gods on their side. They thought the Christians to be unpatriotic as they did not join war as they did not believe in it.  The Romans did not understand the Christina religion and the re-enactment of the last supper; they accused them of cannibalism.

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        Nero was Roman emperor from 54AD to 68AD. He was a cruel and violent man who took pleasure in hurting people and watching others suffer, just like his mother Agrippina. Agrippina was a devious and power driven woman and was prepared to go to any lengths to get the things she wanted. Her biggest wish was fro her son, Nero to become emperor of Rome.

        To achieve this Agrippina married the current Roman emperor Claudius and then manipulated him to making Nero his son. Agrippina murdered him by poisoning and so then Nero became Emperor. But Claudius had a son, ...

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