Question 1 " Describe the teachings of Christianity about marriage and divorce

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Question 1 – Describe the teachings of Christianity about marriage and divorce.

In this essay I will be writing about Christian teachings on marriage and divorce. I will be including what happens in a ceremony, vows and the teachings about marriage, also i will be including divorce and teachings about divorce. I will be including Biblical quotes.

Christians marry for 4 main reasons. One is so they can commit themselves to the person they love for a lifetime. The second main reason is to bring their Children up in a secure and loving environment. Another reason is so they can control the sex drive. The last reason is so they can be closer to God and get into heaven.

I will now be describing an orthodox ceremony. It begins with the priest saying that marriage is a sacrament to God. The congregation is then asked to pray for the couple and say if there is any reason why they should not marry. The priest will then ask the bride and groom to say some words about what they will do in there marriage. Christians believe that marriage is for life and this is symbolised by the exchanging of rings during the ceremony. The ceremony takes place in a church with a priest/vicar and a congregation. The ceremony ends with hymns and prayers. As christians take up this sacrament it allows them to come to know Gods love and mercy more.

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Marriage differs in different denominations of Christianity.  In a Roman Catholic service it begins with the Groom, best man and the guests. Shortly after the Bride arrives with her attendants and is walked down the isle by her father or a male from her family or close friends. The priest then prays for the couple. Then they exchange rings and vows.

“A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,

And they will become one flesh (Genesis 2:24) “

This is a quote from the Bible, this teaches Christians to be at one with their partners, ...

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