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Question 1 " Describe the teachings of Christianity about marriage and divorce

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Human Relationships Coursework Question 1 - Describe the teachings of Christianity about marriage and divorce. In this essay I will be writing about Christian teachings on marriage and divorce. I will be including what happens in a ceremony, vows and the teachings about marriage, also i will be including divorce and teachings about divorce. I will be including Biblical quotes. Christians marry for 4 main reasons. One is so they can commit themselves to the person they love for a lifetime. The second main reason is to bring their Children up in a secure and loving environment. Another reason is so they can control the sex drive. The last reason is so they can be closer to God and get into heaven. I will now be describing an orthodox ceremony. It begins with the priest saying that marriage is a sacrament to God. ...read more.


"A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, And they will become one flesh (Genesis 2:24) " This is a quote from the Bible, this teaches Christians to be at one with their partners, and always stay together. There are many quotes like this from the Bible, they all mean different things, but all have relevance to Marriage. "Man must not separate what God has joined together (Jesus, in Mark 10:9) " This teaches Christians that marriage cannot be separated by man, only by God. Jesus taught that divorce was a sin so most Christians will try to keep their marriage going to stay and follow Jesus' teachings and go to Heaven. So couples will go to marriage counselling. The Catholic Marriage Advisory Council (CMAC) and RELATE is just two of the many Christian marriage councils that are available. ...read more.


Divorce happens when a couple cannot simply live with each other, maybe due to arguing or in some cases abuse. Divorce is a last resort option to a relationship; couples can go to marriage counselling to try to recover their relationship. In the Roman Catholic Church it if forbidden to divorce under any circumstances. The Church of England allows divorce in these certain circumstances; rape, incest, abuse, adultery. Jesus also taught that divorce was allowed in unfaithfulness, and also said that this was not how it was in the beginning. "...Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." (Mark 10 2:12) This teaches Christians that god has given them the gift of marriage and created them as one, they cannot break what god has created. My conclusion to this essay is that Marriage should be the happiest day of your lifetime and you should stay with the person you love for a lifetime, and that you should only divorce if your partner had committed adultery or been unfaithful ?? ?? ?? ?? Sean Midgley 10KD ...read more.

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