Religions and thier opinion on life after death.

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As you most probably know there are many different religions and they all have their own opinion on life after death.

Muslims believe in the Shari’ah they believe this law decides what behaviour is right or wrong. People who pass the final test will go to heaven and be with god for eternity, and those who fail go to hell for a life of eternal suffering. This is similar to the Christian belief.

However a very contrasting idea to this is the Hindu believe in reincarnation. They believe that (Atman) the soul is immortal but is continuously reborn. Hindus believe that life is a journey and there are 16 main steps know a samskars cremation is the 16th samska. They also in the law of Karma this means that the life you live know affects how you will be reborn in your next incarnation. The main difference between Hinduism and Islam is Hinduism has no mention of eternal punishment.

Peoples opinions and attitudes affect change the way they think and their behaviour.

Christians believe in the resurrection. This is very important to them because they believe Jesus came back to life after he was crucified. They also believe that death is the beginning and not the end or something to be scared of. A nun said, “There is a lot more after life and when I see people dying I see a beginning and not an end.”

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I think the role of a priest when helping bereaved relatives is to be comforting and to talk and answer any questions that they may have. Priest Hillary explained that many people ask “why Her?” Hillary tries t explains that God doesn’t select illness for individuals and that these are natural laws that govern things. She also says that she runs quite services once a month so people can just come and talk and get some reassurance and help.

It is important that Muslims hears the Adhan before they die, as these are the first words they hear ...

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