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GCSE: Christmas

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  1. Jesus forgave many sinners throughout his ministry, but many people were upset at his actions e.g.

    Also, Jesus healing on the Sabbath shows us how much he cares. In the well known event of Jesus meeting Zacchaeus the whole of the town and many Jewish leaders were appalled when Jesus chose to visit a tax collector over them. Tax collectors tended to steal money and were Jews working for the Romans, so they were severely hated in society. Jesus forgave him despite this, showing us that Jesus wants to save all lost people. In the parable of the Lost Son, it illustrates that everyone can have forgiveness no matter how great his or her sins.

    • Word count: 807
  2. "It is not possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world."

    Mother Theresa is probably the best example of this. Another example is Oscar Romero who was prepared to die for his faith. A disciple is someone who follows Christ. Today we face many challenges that people did not face at the time of Jesus. The biggest challenge is wealth; everyone nowadays likes to be wealthy. Success and wealth are often measured by today's materialistic world. People today are often easily distracted from making this matter. There is evidence of growing secularism therefore religion has lost status and meaning in people's lives. People nowadays do not take faith as serious.

    • Word count: 472
  3. Using St. Marks Gospel, explain why Jesus' last meal in the upper room was so important for both him and his disciples. Explain how Christians might interpret and celebrate this meal in the Church today.

    They were also to eat a bitter meal consisting of roast lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs. Each year the family meets for the celebration of the Passover. The Eucharist is the central ceremony to many Christian's worshipping life. It is a memorial of Jesus' last meal. By sharing a simple meal of bread and wine, Christians remember the death of Jesus. Jesus shared a meal with his disciples on the evening before he died. The last supper took place in an upstairs room in a house in Jerusalem.

    • Word count: 927
  4. Examine and investigate the trials of Christ from his arrest to his death on the cross.

    Jesus got a towel and washed his disciple's feet but when he came to Peter he would not let Jesus wash his feet Peter said "a master should not wash his servant's feet" but Jesus told him he was making an example of what they must do so Jesus washed Peters feet. During the meal, Jesus told the disciples that one of them was about to betray him. He did not name Judas, but told John and Peter that it would be the person who dipped his bread into the same lamb stew at the same time as he did; Judas did this and then left the feast.

    • Word count: 1869
  5. Christian Festivals

    The wreath also has other symbols including the circle of Evergreen that suggests the eternal life of God. The Holly represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified and the Berries on the Holly represent the blood that Jesus was to shed for us at the end of his life. The next Advent Custom I'm going to explain is the Advent Calendar. This is a twenty- four or twenty-five day calendar of which you open the doors of the days and normally there is a picture which has nothing to do with Christmas but pictures of animals or cartoons which helps you countdown to Christmas.

    • Word count: 1683
  6. 'Jesus made a mistake in choosing his disciples, they all failed miserably.'

    This in itself provides a good lesson to us about the challenge of discipleship. It is not anything to be taken lightly, as even St Peter could not stay strong in the face of death. Peter's attitude also shows Christians how seriously we should take our role, and that we should be prepared to suffer death because of it. In Mark 14:66-72 we are shown another very key part of discipleship: the nature of failure. Peter failed and disowned Jesus, but following this went and wept, repenting what he had done. The repentance and trust in God's forgiveness should be a characteristic of every disciple's life.

    • Word count: 891
  7. Outline and examine Jesus' teaching in the 4th Gospel on the nature of Discipleship

    of God's community but Jesus tells Nicodemus that circumcision does no make people members of God's community, but baptism leads to being a member of the community. This means women and Gentiles could become members. Chapter 4 suggests that women could become disciples because they witnessed spiritual teaching and told others about it. The Samarian woman in the chapter asks Jesus where she should worship as Samaritans were not allowed to worship in the Temple with the other Jews. Jesus just tells her to 'worship him in spirit and truth' (John 4.24).

    • Word count: 1557
  8. Consider the role of Peter in the ministry of Jesus

    Jesus predicted at the Last Supper that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed when Jesus was arrested, Peter did deny Jesus three times, once to the woman who guarded the gate to the High Priests House, once to a group of soldiers and once to the relative of the man whose ear Peter cut off, once he had denied Jesus a third time, the cock crowed. However, in Peter's defence he does commit totally to a subject, but he can be over excite, enthusiastic and doesn't think before he acts.

    • Word count: 878
  9. What do Christians believe about the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus?

    He says, "Take this cup of suffering away from me".1 Here Jesus is scared and anxious, but possesses true courage, as he still has the strength and determination to endure pain, and even refuses to take the myrrh drug, which would have decreased his torment. The huge nature of Jesus' suffering is displayed in the passage when the soldiers mock Jesus.2 Jesus had a choice whether or not to suffer and die, and chose to, to save us. He suffered for us to make us good enough for heaven, and could have stopped at any time, but didn't.

    • Word count: 863
  10. Explain the relationship of the infancy narrative of either Matthew or Luke to the gospel it prefaces.infancy narrative of EITHER Matthew or Luke to the Gospel it prefaces.

    Rather, they related incidents that suited the purpose of their Gospels. The word "Gospel" means "good news." Both men had the same message-that Jesus is the promised Messiah, that he died for mankind's sins; and that he was resurrected to heaven. But the two writers had markedly different backgrounds and wrote for different audiences Let us first consider Matthew. Matthew, a tax collector, shaped his account for a largely Jewish audience. His record stresses the Hebrew Scripture prophecies that were fulfilled in connection with Jesus.

    • Word count: 1611
  11. Explain the meaning of discipleship.

    This shows us that from the very beginning the disciples were prepared to give up everything to follow Jesus. They had faith in him and it was strong enough to leave behind their life. Some liberalists and conservatives however, may interpret the scripture differently. From the text their derivation may be that prior to the incident they already heard about Jesus, hence why they were able to follow him after also pondering on it. Jesus selected the rest of the twelve "designating them apostles - that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons" (Mk 3:13-19).

    • Word count: 1022
  12. The Catholic teaching on wealth and poverty aims to teach people aboutthe responsibilitys of the rich to the needs of the poo

    Later on in the new Testament Jesus taught the parable of the sheep and the goat he said ,'whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me' meaning whatever you do for the lowest of the people you are doing for Jesus.

    • Word count: 345
  13. Christian festivals

    The fasting rules in the Roman Catholic Church are not strict. For Eastern Orthodox Christians today the rules of fasting are strict: just one meal a day, in the evening, and no meat, fish, eggs, or butter is permitted. Palm Sunday Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, is the first day of Holy Week which ends with Easter the following Sunday. It commemorates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem prior to be crucified a few days later. Actual ceremonies typically include a procession of palm fronds which are blessed and will later be burned.

    • Word count: 808
  14. Discipleship was the vocation of the disciples:

    The work done by Missionaries nowadays has changed considerably since the time of Jesus, but the principal still remains the same. As with the Christian Churches, they still work throughout the world, helping the sick, the poor and anybody who needs help. There are many organisations in the world today which help make it easier for Christians to help others in a more involved way. For example Troca�re allow people to raise money by doing a sponsored Twenty-Four Hour Fast.

    • Word count: 913
  15. A disciple is 'one who wishes to follow and learn from another'

    Jesus told Levi (Matthew) to follow him and he did. Jesus chose twelve men and they came to him. They were chosen to share in Jesus' mission, to bring others into the community and to continue the mission when Jesus was gone. The disciples were given a three-fold mission; to heal the sick, to drive out demons and to spread the word of Jesus. This would be tough and would involve sacrifice. In 'The Mission', Jesus says: "Don't take anything with you on your journey except a stick - no bread, no beggar's bag, no money in your pocket.

    • Word count: 917
  16. Outline the presentation of the person of Jesus in John's Gospel. (20 marks)

    They searched for the 'divine spark' to become a child of God. Philo of Alexandria was a Hebrew and a historical figure that came to earth and lived with mankind. This exemplifies this of Jesus. Logos is vital for the evangelist's appreciation of the person of Jesus but only used in the Prologue. This was to show pre-existence, creator, life and light of men, flesh which is 'sarx' superior to John he Baptist, an encounter between the earthly and the heavenly.

    • Word count: 1034
  17. Marks Gospel

    Also they were sewn into animal skins and killed by dogs or even nailed to the cross like Jesus in fact when Peter was put to death he insisted he would be crucified upside as he felt he wasn't worthy to die like Jesus. Overall Nero prosecuted and treated Christians very badly just to save his reputation as an emperor. In this section of my coursework I am going to explain why some people think Marks Gospel was written for non- - Jews facing persecution.

    • Word count: 1005
  18. Did Jesus Make a Mistake in Choosing His Disciples? - Part 3

    Failure is when someone does not succeed in what they are trying to achieve or are expected to do. The disciples weren't always perfect. They had many faults and I will explain some of them. The disciples had a lack of faith and this was shown in the calming of the storm. This is when Jesus said to them, "Why are you so frightened? Have you still no faith?" (Mark 4:35-45) Another fault of the disciple was their desire for personal glory. This is shown when James and John asked Jesus, "When you sit on your throne in your glorious kingdom, we want you to let us sit with you."(Mark 10: 35-45)

    • Word count: 750
  19. Capital punishment

    Jesus feels intense emotion triggered by inner anger, When Jesus says "yet not what I want but what you want," he is asking God not to let him suffer. There is another reason Jesus has gone to Gethsemane in the middle of the night to pray with only a few disciples because Jesus already realises that he has to die and if the temple guards tried to arrest him in broad daylight then they wouldn't be taken to very kindly by Jesus' supporters and they would protest and wouldn't allow this to happen.

    • Word count: 2915
  20. Religious Studies GCSE Coursework - Assignment One: Life and death of Jesus

    This, however makes the rich man sad as he has worked all his life for his riches, yet he, like a good Christian, does exactly as Jesus says. After, Jesus shows that it may be hard for a rich man to go to heaven, but, with faith in God and a little self-sacrifice, it is possible. * Then, in Mark 10: 35-45 (The Request Of James And John) in which Jesus says that to go to heaven and be at his right and left hands, you must '...be a servant to the rest...'

    • Word count: 2970
  21. Life after death

    One of the thieves, while dying on the cross asked Jesus to have mercy upon him when he died. Jesus told him that he would be in heaven that very day. This text is proof to Christians that heaven and life after death is something to hope for. John 14:1-4 "Do not be worried and upset", Jesus told his followers. "Believe in god and believe also in me. There are many rooms in my fathers house, and I am going to prepare a place for you." Jesus told his disciples that there was a place prepared for them when they died.

    • Word count: 853
  22. Religious Studies

    This is when Jesus broke bread with his disciples. Its the day of the Last Supper. We celebrate the Last Supper every mass. Jesus offered the bread up to God and he offered the wine, and he said "This is my body...This is my blood which will be given up for you". This is called the Last Supper because its the last time that Jesus ate with all his disciples. During Holy Week a special service is held within mass which includes:- The Reinstitution of the Eucharist, Ministers of the Parish, its also the final before Good Friday. Friday: this day is known as Good Friday.

    • Word count: 559

    Yes it is the chance to celebrate the birth of Jesus and enjoy ourselves but by the looks of things many people are taking it to the extremes. There has been a call to remove the religious element out of Christmas, as many people are now not strictly Christian and instead have a winter holiday. Non-Christian people living in a multi-cultural society may think that having religious decorations around the town/village they are living in could cause offence to people of other religions.

    • Word count: 600
  24. What is Christmas?

    When the winter solstice arrived, the brought green date palm leaves into their homes to symbolize life's triumph over death. There have been festivals of every sort around the winter solstice going back to the Romans. But it was the Emperor Aurelian who fixed the actual date. He called December 25th 'The Birthday of the Unconquered Sub,' and put it right in the middle of the feast of Saturnalia in honour of Saturn, the god of agriculture. This was always a time of great merry making.

    • Word count: 1102
  25. A ChristiansAttitude Towards Punishment

    The son had no money left so had to work feeding pigs that had more food than him, he then went home and his dad celebrated his return by killing the prize calf and having a feast. Jesus was trying to show that God is a loving, caring father, who will give his children freedom to live their lives but he will be there to forgive and support, if they ask for help or are truly sorry. Another parable told by Jesus to support the act of forgiveness was in Matthew 18:23-35, 'The Parable of the Talents.'

    • Word count: 613

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