Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced To Britain?

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Should Capital Punishment Be Reintroduced To Britain?

Capital punishment is the death penalty for people who have committed terrible crimes, such as murder. Since the abolition of the death penalty in 1964, the murder rate in the U.K. has been steadily increasing. Murder is the ultimate crime; therefore shouldn’t murder demand the ultimate penalty?

America suspended the death penalty in the early sixties, like Britain, but in 1976, they re-instated it again. Statistics have proven that in 1994, in New York, 1200 people had been murdered, but later in 1995, the death penalty was introduced, and in 1998, the murder rate had dropped to just over 500 people.In my opinion, this is enough evidence to reintroduce Capital Punishment.

Capital punishment was abolished in Britain because the courts were making unintentional wrong decisions, therefore to preserve human life, it was decided Capital punishment should be abolished. There were also other reasons for this. People oppose the death penalty chiefly because they consider it cruel, critics also warn against the risk of executing mistakenly convicted people, as I mentioned above. Also, quite ironically, the last woman to be executed in Britain was Ruth Ellis. She was wrongly convicted, as was later discovered. Also is it morally correct to stoop to the level of the murderer?

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In my opinion, capital punishment should be reintroduced in Britain, for many reasons, even taking into account the disadvantages. I understand both arguments of capital-punishment, and that they both have their advantages. If capital punishment is not reintroduced, at least we know that lives are not being taken unfairly. However, I feel that to reduce the crime rate in Britain, capital punishment should be introduced, because, not only is it a just punishment, it is also an extremely good deterrent. This is not being said without basis, but actually has been proved to work in some states of the U.S.A., ...

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