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What is meant by euthanasia?

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Euthanasia Euthanasia is defined as the "gentle and easy death: the bringing about of this especially in the cases of incurable and painful disease." Euthanasia brings with it negative and positive aspects which makes this such a controversial issue. For instance in the case of a patient suffering from a long and painful death, even with our great medical advancements, death seems like the only option as they "feel that it is their right to decide when their life should end, particularly if they are suffering." There are a few groups with different views on this issue such as: Exit- The Voluntary Euthanasia Society, who aim to change the laws around Euthanasia which at present say "anyone (doctors included) who helps the suffering to end their life risks the possibility of being charged with murder or manslaughter." Exit believe an adult person who is in constant pain or in other words a severe illness which is incurable and no medical procedures can give any noticeable relief should bear the right of law to choose a "painless death", only if they decide, this is known as Voluntary Euthanasia. ...read more.


As in Genesis 1:27 it says "God made man in his own image". Since we are made of mind body and soul we are precious in the eyes of God and therefore we should also be this in the man's eye, everyone of us are a "potential temple for God" if God is "asked in". All of this is told in 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20. If we trust in God we must care for his gift (life) to us and must use it wisely being "responsible", and remember Death may seem the best solution but it isn't the end of life but instead "a new event in life." A Doctors job is too help a patient and give any drugs to prolong and protect their life from illness. But this gives him no right to put them out of their suffering, a strong view of many Christian's. Which could be closely related to Jesus in the New Testament, when healing the sick and dying and it even tells us how he brought a girl back to life with his miracles. ...read more.


The author stated this after his experience in a concentration camp. "I believe that one must come down very clearly on the view of euthanasia before one is faced with the dilemma. To value human life and to value suffering are key to being against euthanasia." From studying Euthanasia in this project I have learned much about the issue and why the government won't change the law. I can only say that it has enforced my view and belief that God gave us life and that only He can take it away. I understand the views of people who are suffering extreme pain each day they live and therefore I hold this view timorously. I also believe that to condone euthanasia opens the door to abuse and selection of the fittest. This is too shocking to even contemplate as it suggests that people with disability are not valued and have nothing to contribute. I also believe that the dying patient needs to believe that the doctor cares and is doing every thing to alleviate pain and prolong life. Would this attitude prevail if laws for euthanasia were changed? Will this argument ever be resolved? I hope that in holding this view-the tide of change will be held back. ...read more.

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