Compare and Contrast, Eukaryote and Prokaryote Cells

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        The Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell.        

In the early 1950’s, building on Darwin’s idea of a ‘warm little pond’ giving rise to the first life (99% Ape), Stanley Miller, at the University of Chicago, introduced sparks of electricity, simulating lightening, to a mixture of gases and other substances thought to have made up the earths early atmosphere and oceans, in order to see if this was in fact how the first life began. This experiment, and similar, have thus far turned up nothing more than the formation of some amino acids.(Bill Bryson)  Further research has given scientists a more well formed idea that the first signs of life would have arisen at the bottom of the ocean around hydrothermal vents(Nick Lane). Whichever theory proves true, life started off with just a few positively tiny things.

It is thought that these amino acids would have arranged into macromolecules such as proteins and amino acids, which are crucial building blocks of life.(NCBI) The first cell is thought to have been composed of RNA enclosed within a phospholipid membrane, which is something common to every single cell.  Life is something that is supposed to have arisen only once in the history of the Earth, and as such, every living cell has descended from the first forms of bacterial life. (Nick Lane)

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These primeval cells would have been prokaryotic, coming from the Greek meaning ‘before a nucleus’(class notes). These make up one of two cell groups, the other being eukaryotic, taken from the Greek for ‘possessing a true nucleus’(classnotes).

It is thought that eukaryotic cells emerged from an endosymbiotic relationship between the ancestors of modern day eukaryotic cells and cyanobacteria, in order to be able to provide their own energy, due to the increased size of the eukaryotic cells. This basically means that the cells would have ‘engulfed’ the cyanobacteria, and put them to work as part of it’s own ...

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