Investigation of the effect of temperature on the rate of a Lipase Reaction

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Investigation of the effect of temperature on

the rate of a Lipase Reaction

I am going to look at the effect of temperature on the rate of a Lipase Reaction, and to look at this I will be changing the temperature variable. In order to measure this, I will be doing the following practical:

  1. Add 5cm³ of milk and 1cm³ of Lipase solution at different temperatures.
  2. Then I will measure the reaction every 30 seconds, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes with a pH probe (as lipase breaks down into fatty acids) to test the strength of the acid produced. This will show how well the enzyme has worked and a pattern should emerge in my results relating the temperature to the strength of the acid. The stronger the acid, the better the enzyme has worked. This will be shown in my results as the more under a pH of 7 the final pH is, the better the enzyme has worked during the reaction at a certain temperature. For example, a final pH of 6.1 and a final pH of 7.3 shows that the first pH is stronger and therefore more acid has been produced as the lipase have broken down into fatty acids.

I will be using a range of temperatures at which to add the milk and lipase. This should ensure that I get a fair result as I am using a range of high and low temperatures from which to compare. I will get readings at 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60°C from which a trend should show. I shall repeat the experiment 3 times, and then take average results to ensure the most reliable results possible.

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I will use a pH probe to test the pH of the acid produced. This should reduce the chance of human error as it is computerised and therefore more accurate.

To ensure a fair test, all variables (the amount of lipase and milk used every time) will stay the same, except for the temperature at which the reaction takes place at, which I will be controlling. I will ensure all of these factors are the same as it would be unfair to change the dependant variables and would give me inaccurate and unreliable evidence on which to ...

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