My aim for this experiment is to investigate the solubility of salt

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Gary Harrison


My aim for this experiment is to investigate the solubility of salt


Like Hot tea can dissolve more sugar than iced tea, and warm water dissolves less oxygen than cold water.  The maximum amount of any solute that can dissolve in a given amount of solvent is called its solubility, and this depends on temperature.  The solubility’s of gases always decreases with increasing temperature.  For liquids and solids, solubility’s generally increase with increasing temperature, as is the case with sugar in tea. This should work the same way with hot water and salt the hotter the water the more salt will dissolve.


For this experiment I would expect to have dependent variables, which are temperature of water, amount of salt before and after and time for each experiment.  Fixed variables, the amount of water being heated, the amount of salt at the beginning and the time for each experiment.

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Salts contain positive and negative ions, which are held together by the strong force of attraction between particles with opposite charges. When one of these solids dissolves in water, the ions that form the solid are released into solution, where they become associated with the polar solvent molecules.

We can generally assume that salts dissociate into their ions when they dissolve in water. Ionic compounds dissolve in water if the energy given off when the ions interact with water molecules compensates for the energy needed to break the ionic bonds in the solid and the ...

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*** This is a straight forward experiment. There is a clear prediction and good diagrammatic description of the method. However, the author does not seem to be very sure about variables, and there are a number of errors in the way the results are presented in both tables and as a graph.