Is it true that practical factors are the most important factor when choosing a method of research?

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Sociologist have argued that practical factors tend to be more important than the other factors when choosing a method of research. Although the use of practical factors may be important criticisms have been made stating that the two other factors also carry an equal importance when choosing a method of research.

Sociologist claimed that funding is essential when starting a research. Without sufficient funding a sociologist would not be able to continue or would unexpectedly be able to start the research in the first place. Thus, to overcome this sociologist require the assistance of government or specific organization to take interest and provide the sufficient funds to carry the research. A common different between both parties is that and organization tend to take up researches that can enable them to sell it to other companies ,improve quality of life and extend the knowledge of society. However governments tend to invest on researches in specific fields such as transport, health, crime and housing. Overall funding can be seen as a key factor in choosing a research method. (Haralambos & Holborn)

In addition the choice of topic crucial in deciding a method of research. When doing a particular study, researchers must initially decide on the topic of the research. Moreover, they must be aware that people may be offended by the topic being researched. An example, many sociologist are concerned about the extent of research in the negative side of African Caribbean life, with studies on school failure, lower levels of job success and even claimed that higher rate of criminality have led to critics arguing that a continued association is made between race and criminality or race and failure.
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Academic specialization secondly need to be considered. Sociologists tend to specialize in certain fields of various areas of sociology. Thus, the sociologist field specialty is needed to be taken into account to. An example, a sociologist may only study the family and not other fields such as health issues. Although the sociologist may know in the other topics, they might not specialize or have and extensive knowledge on other area beside their own field. As a result, they may lack the understanding and would not be able to compare to specialized sociologist of that certain field. (Haralambos & ...

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