"Outline and evaluate the feminist contribution to an understanding of contemporary family life"

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“Outline and evaluate the feminist contribution to an understanding of contemporary family life”

Over the years feminism has had an increasing impact on various different aspects of family life, one of these includes the family, areas of family life like domestic violence and housework were previously not really considered as aspects of sociology but were introduced by feminists.

 In highlighting these they have raised awareness as to women’s role within society and the impact of domestic female Labour on economy as a whole, these ideas were previously not fully understood in society where male dominance was prevalent and often considered inevitable.

        Engles and Zaretsky were two women who acknowledged this factor and brought light to it in a Marxist perspective; they stated that women were often exploited in marriage and in households.

They feel that this exploitation is inevitable and therefore the only real solution is to change the system as a whole.  They argue that despite this the female role is still significant as by carrying out domestic duties they remove the majority of the burden from men thus making it easier for them to carry out their work and thereby they have an affect albeit indirect on the economy.  

Another major argument about how women affect the economy is throughout the socialization of the new generation as inevitably they will be the workers of the new economy.

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Other Marxists often see the female role as being part of the keeping the male in role, for example she is used to stop the male from possible loosing faith in the system as she may be seen as the product or reward for his work.  Also because the male has a wife and children to support he realisms that his work is essential and he cannot just stop thereby weakening his bargaining power and committing him to the system.  These points were mainly argued by Margaret Benson.

David Cooper further emphasized the importance of socializing the new ...

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