The Dead Poets Society

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Part One

During the movie we enter the worlds created by the boys as they try and break free of the work and tension they face everyday at school.  Welton is a traditional school for the elite. It’s purpose to turn fine young boys into businessmen, doctors or other members of an established and well paying profession.  Life at Welton is dull and boring everyday of the week, that is why they become easily inspired to break out of their boring everyday reality and start taking risks.  The inspiration for there breaking free or cutting loose comes from their new English teacher Mr Keating who tells them to make there lives more extraordinary then they are, "Carpe Diem boys! Seize the day! Make your lives extraordinary!"  The different worlds that are created by the boys breaking free are different for each character and represent there individual needs and wants that reflect each boys personality.

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The first world we enter is the world of the club ‘The Dead Poets Society.’  This world is of a secret club created by the boys, to escape the stresses of school.  This club or secret society is totally against school rules and regulations and is the beginning of the risks each boy beings to take.  The feeling of taking a risk is taking more risks and pushing them to the limit.  There are images such as mysterious darkness and fog as they are entering the cave for the first meeting, which represent the change in world.

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