Investigation of reversible reactions at equilibrium - CuCl2 (s) was added to HCl , NaCl , H2SO4 respectively .

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Data collection

The table below shows the qualitative observations that were made when CuCl2 (s) was added to HCl , NaCl , H2SO4 respectively .

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Data Processing

Experiment 1

Cu (H2O)62+ (aq) + 4Cl- (aq) ⇌ CuCl42- (aq) + 6H2O (l)

When HCl is added to the following equilibrium there is an excess of Cl-   ions in the left side of equilibrium . Hence according to Le chatelier’s principle i.e. when a system under equilibrium is stressed the system moves in order to minimize the stress . The position of the equilibrium in the equation above shifts to the left in order to counter the increase in the concentration of the Cl- . More CuCl42- and H2O is produced and hence their ...

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