How does an actor use Stanislavskis acting principles, in order to fully prepare to play the role of Kipps in The Woman In Black?

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IB Theatre Arts HL

Theatre Play: The Woman In Black

Question: How does an actor use Stanislavski’s acting principles, in order to fully prepare to play the role of Kipps in “The Woman In Black”?

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Constantin Stanislavski was a Russian businessman that changed his career path to become a director due to his fondness of theatre and the arts. He founded the Moscow Arts Theatre with his partner Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. Stanislavski initiated the Stanislavski System of acting, which was spread around the world by his students[1] and interpreted and developed by others like Lee Strasberg.

The goal of Constantin Stanislavski’s system was to take an audience into a different world that will make everything they see or hear believable no matter what, unlike Brecht his method was to connect with the audience emotionally, physically and spiritually.

"The method requires that an actor utilize, among other things, his emotional memory (i.e., his recall of past experiences and emotions). The actor’s entrance onto the stage is considered to be not a beginning of the action or of his life as the character but a continuation of the set of preceding circumstances. The actor has trained his concentration and his senses so that he may respond freely to the total stage environment. Through empathic observation of people in many different situations, he attempts to develop a wide emotional range so that his onstage actions and reactions appear as if they were a part of the real world rather than a make-believe one".[2]

In order for an actor to make his role believable the actor would use a method or various methods from Stanislavski’s system to create his own flashback that would lead him to fully absorb the role that he is going to perform and to do that effectively the actor must take the dramatic techniques into consideration and pay extra attention to them such as posture, voice and body language.

For this research I will be looking at the character Kipps in The Woman in Black by Susan Hill and I will focus on how an actor playing this role, will use Stanislavski’s method in order to portray the characters characteristics and personality effectively.
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The Woman in Black is a 1983 horror novella that was adapted by Stephen Mallatratt in 1987. In the adapted version Kipps persuades an Actor to help him tell his story, hoping that if he acts it out and relives it, it’ll help him move on. The actor plays the part of Young Kipps while Kipps plays various roles of people he met.[3]

Arthur Kipps is a man lost in his memories and can’t settle down for anything because the past is haunting him he is a mature and complex role with many emotions and his ...

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