Latin American History-Why did independence strengthen the landed aristocracy and the military?

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Question 1- Analyze the causes of the economic stagnation that afflicted many of the new states following independence.

        There were a number of causes for economic stagnation after independence. While some nations such as Brazil, Chile, and Argentina found economic prosperity in industry such as coffee, metal, and hides, many other nations failed to return to the economic success they had before their independence was gained. Some of these nations are: Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico. These specific nations were mostly dependent on mining for economic balance; however, after they gained independence they lost much of their mining capacity. This in turn broke their economies.  The causes for economic stagnation after independence included: the failure to gain foreign investment, and the catastrophe of not redistributing income and land throughout each nation.

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        After many of the Latin American nations gained their independence from Spain and Portugal (Brazil), they believed that many foreign nations would begin to trade with Latin America and bring a great amount of their own capital. However, this did not occur as planned due to the chaotic political system that was in control of many of the newly free Latin American countries and also due to Europe and the United States having their own industrial revolutions, they were not able to invest greatly in Latin America. They needed to keep most of their capital and resources within their own ...

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