Amine Khadir                HISTORY

The USSR under Stalin


A – According to Source C it wasn’t a revolutionary emancipation that brought changes to the women’s roles, but they were the indirect results of the Industrialisation and Stalin’s Five Year.

B - According to Source C the main changes in women’s roles were the massive entry of women into the industrial labour force and the childcare institutions that were built as a result of this. Also the increase of education helped change women’s roles.

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Despite chaos and despite waste the increase did take place and the statistics show us that. The statistics are an admission and Source D improves the credibility of Source A.


Source B is a speech given by Stalin to the Central Committee of the Communist Party in January 1933.  The purpose of the speech is to present a specific political perspective to the reality. The value of the source is an interpretation by Stalin and its limitations are that it is biased, as it is seen from Stalin’s point of view. It is the way ...

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