Why was Stalin successful in becoming the next leader of the USSR?

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Alejandra Cossio Martinez

Why was Stalin successful in becoming the next leader of the USSR?

Stalin was successful in becoming the new leader of the USSR for many complex reasons. Firstly, the divisions within the party, made his task of eliminating people less complicated, he only had individuals, not groups of people against him. Moreover he knew perfectly how to manipulate people on his behalf and also how to gain supporters and how to get out of the way his opponents. But one of the main factors for his success was that members of the party did not realize that Stalin was to be more than the General Secretariat they saw him as a treat when it was too late.

The personality of Stalin was quite important for his emerging as a leader of the Soviet Union. His understanding of Marxism was not excellent; however he had other qualities that helped him through his rise to power. Stalin was very determinate, he knew what he wanted and also he could visualize how to achieve it. Also he was able to use the structure of the party for his success because he knew how everything worked since he had much experience in many roles. However it did not matter how he would achieve whatever he wanted. One of his main characteristics is that he was ruthless and cruel. He could do whatever he needed to meet his objectives and that is exactly what Lenin did not like from him, as he wrote in his testament.

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In 1922, after being in several privileged positions within the party, Stalin achieved one of the things that would mark the party and that also would give him a push to a even more important position; he was named General Secretary which meant, that it was difficult for him not to know something about the party and which also gave him the unique opportunity of placing followers of his all around the Russian territory in key positions. Moreover, he removed from the Politburo those opposed to him. In this way he made sure that he had enough support to ...

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