Mark Andrew Garner

Judy Land

Math Standard Level

April 30, 2008

Derivatives of Sine Functions


  1.  The following information was my investigation to find the derivative of the function.

  1. The following is a graph for the function for.

  1. The table below describes the behavior of the gradient of for.

  1. Because the derivative of a function is the gradient at a given point, my conjecture for  is as follows:

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The tables on the preceding page show that the derivative of at the following plotted points in increments of  starting left to right x =.

In the following graph, the points are connected to form ,  .

  1. The following is my investigation of the derivatives of functions in the form. The red dots in the following graphs below represent the derivative of the function at a particular X-value.


Concluded from the graphs above, my conjecture for the derivative of ...

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