Portfolio Task        Infinite Summation ( Type 1 ) Gizem Özgören



1) Consider the following sequence of terms un , where

                U0 =


U1 =


U2 =


U3 =


This question is about infinite summation, which is a way of expressing an infinite sum. The series consist of (n) terms where (n) effects the sum. The question challenges us to learn about series on ourselves and help us academically in further tasks / exams.

(i) Find an expression for un, in terms of n.

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        In this question, we are asked to find an expression for un  , so what we have to do is to find a formula which may be applied to all the terms of the sequence and that will help us understand how (n) effect the terms.

First of all, we should start by giving the name un to the formula.

        Un =

Then, we should put in the numerator (ln2) since it is constant in all the terms.

        Un = (ln2)

Because (n) is also the power of the numerator, we should place it in the formula.

        Un = (ln2)n

We ...

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