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Infinite Surds

In this mathematics portfolio we are instructed to investigate different expression of infinite surds in square root form and then find the exact value and statement for these surds.


The following expression is an example of an infinite surd.

The first ten terms of the surd can be expressed in the sequence:


From the tem terms of the sequence we can observe that the formula for the sequence is displayed as:

The results had to be plotted in a graph as shown below:

The graph above shows us the relationship between n and. We can observe that as n increases,  also increases but each time less than before, suggesting that at a large certain point of n it stops increasing and just follows in a straight line.

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To find the exact infinite value for this sequence we would use the equation and rearrange in the correct way to find the value.

Finding the exact value for the surd





The exact value for the surd is 1.618033989 as the second answer does not fit in the problem.


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