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Dominique Albert-Weiss

 “Stopping disntances”

Table 1

  1. Use a GDC or graphing software to create two data plots: speed versus thinking distance and speed versus braking distance. Describe your results.

Graph 1

The given values in Table 1 of speed (km/h) and thinking distance (m) were plotted against each other in this graph. With close observation, it is noticeable that the speed is proportional to the thinking distance. In other words: the points construct a straight line that is going through the origin.

In this example, we are able to assume that the more the driver increases his/her speed, the more time it takes him/her to apply the brakes.

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Graph 2

In graph 2, the values of Table 1 of speed (km/h) and braking distance (m) were plotted against each other in this graph. Unfortunately, no straight line can be drawn as the thinking distance is increasing more than proportional. From the 1st point to the 2nd point it is increasing by 8, from the 2nd to the 3rd by 10, from the 3rd to the 4th by 14....and so on.

The conclusion of this ...

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