Name - Siddhant Nahta

                                  Subject - ESS SL2

                                  GR no. - 302

                                  Date -11th October 2008    

Environmental Conditions & Location

Site: Kaneri Caves , Sanjay Gandhi National Park , Mumbai

Time: 8.00 am to 1.00 pm


              At Foothill: Soil temperature is 27.9°C.

                                      Air temperature is 31.4°C.


            Adjacent to the pond: Soil temperature is 27.8°C.

            (mid altitude)            Air temperature is 33.5°C.


Aim : Physiochemical evaluation of soil at different altitudes of the Kaneri  Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park , Borivali , Mumbai.

Data Collection : The following are the details of the soil at a particular location subdivided into foothill and pond habitat.

At Foothill:

                      Initial Weight of Soil: 10g 

                      Dry Weight of Soil    : 8.639g


At habitat adjacent to the pond (mid altitude) :


                     Initial Weight of Soil : 10g

                     Dry Weight of Soil     : 7.548g

Data Processing : The data processing was successful with the help of a laboratory kit so as to find the nitrate and phosphate content in the soil.

At Foothill :

                         Moisture content = Initial wt. – Dry wt.

                                                        = 10g – 8.639g

                                                        = 1.361g of moisture/10g of soil


                         Nitrate Content = 15 ppm

                         Phosphate content = 30 ppm

                         pH = 8.08

                         Conductivity = 0.001

Soil Analysis :

Total % of the different soil structures present in the given soil sample are:

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Clay : 8.14%

Silt   : 15.4%

Sandy : 76.46%

Taking aid of the soil structure pyramid , I deduced that the soil at the foothill is Loamy Sand .

      At habitat adjacent to the pond (mid altitude) :

                      Moisture content = Initial wt. – Dry wt.

                                                        = 10g – 7.548g


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