Lack of sleep and recklessness in gamblers.

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Good afternoon, everyone! My name is Tran Ngoc Thuy Linh and it is my pleasure to be here to talk about one of very common health problem in our normal life – lack of sleep and in my talk today, I will be focusing in how lack of sleep make for a more reckless bet.

Insomnia or normaly called lack of sleep, I think all of us know the meaning of this word. According to scientist, 8 hours is the best timing-period for a good all day sleep. Less than 8 hours, that is lack of sleep, and more than that, we call lazy.

There is no single cause for. For most of us, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint what cause a bad sleep. Well, recent research has found that there are at least 5 major cause and they can be either singular or more than two.

  1. Anxiety and stress.
  2. Working in shifts, life habits - this can be a serious trigger to a lack of sleep. Not everybody is affected by it, but more sensitive people’s lives can be impacted in a way that lack of sleep is a sad outcome
  3. The usual suspect: tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.
  4. Medicine.
  5. Old age. It is a fact that the older one gets less sleep they need, but it is usually turn to serious sleep problem because of the lack of a particular hormone in the body called melatonin. Melatonin pills can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy; however they should get advisable from doctor.
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There are so many effects caused by insomnia, gain more weight, have more health problems like heart disease, feel sleep when driving and cause an accident, … but the things I am talking is the loss of our judgment which lead us to make a reckless decision.

Most gamblers after wake up all night long for gambling, they always said that they feel very lucky and they can win double or lose everything. Or some people who have an orderly life, though their sleeping time are just 5 – 6 hours, they still have a good life and ...

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