Two thirds of what we see is behind our eyes Chinese proverb

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‘Two thirds of what we see is behind our eyes’ Chinese proverb

Before start reading my essay, begin from the sight on yourself. Switch on the light, make some tea, think a little bit about something, look at the table, at the chair, then go straight to the fridge and take an onion. Study it really attentively, trample it down, and throw to the wall. Put it on a shave for a week or two as you wish. After the time comes, study it again, cut it or whatever. You’ll see that is has became rotten, but inside, it still will be fresh, something bright will still stay inside. It’s like a person, doesn’t matter how it looks outside, matters what is inside, but we often don’t simply notice it, and hence, to find it, we have to study the person. Everyone has something good inside. The good can be big or small, funny or not really, green or white, the good can fly from the pan out of the kitchen, and then come back through the window with the sugar to tea. The thing is that we have to study the onion.

We perceive the world based on already acquired knowledge, experience, seeing what we expect to see rather than what it actually is. We don’t actually see, we just believe that we see. For example I’m staying in front of the class and the students believe there is only one Liza they see, but actually that is wrong. If there are 19 students, not including me, and one teacher in the classroom, hence at least twenty one Liza exists. Everyone has his own image of me in his mind, which is real and exists. The image is different in each mind, because different people image me in different ways. Everyone perceives the world in the different way; hence everyone’s world is unique. So while I’m staying in front of the classroom there are at least twenty one projection of me in the different worlds exist, but everyone will think that there is only one projection, as they are used to it.

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What we see is all made from the molecules, they are as small as the points, combining all the points with each other, we can obtain the sphere, ie the Earth, at the core, we can get the truth, what we're all trying to find. The fact that, in essence, is the purpose of life, because throughout life we always learn something when we grow, we seek to know the truth, looking for her every day until the end of life. Nobody ever gets to the core of the Earth; it means that no one yet knows the truth. If we reach ...

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