Evaluating Scientific Method as a Way of Knowing

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Theory of Knowledge

May 11, 2012

Evaluating Scientific Method as a Way of Knowing

Scientific method is one of those ways of knowing which has been in limelight for centuries and still seems to classify itself as important. Science is mainly driven by logic and reasoning and hence, in the scientific method, logic and reasoning is combined and reasoned with sense perception to form a superior way of knowing which seems to provide more certainty than other ways of knowing. However, the certainty arrived at through scientific methods has been evaluated time and again to explore its limitations. Evidence of acceptance and accuracy of the scientific methods is seen in many discoveries like the Newton’s laws of gravity, discovery of pharmaceutical drugs and investigating properties of various substances around us. However, the scientific method is also challenged by other methods of knowing which seem to provide equally accurate and reasonable data but without using the scientific method, for example, the theory of evolution was built up on observation and the science of homeopathy was built on by ancient manuscripts. Deciding whether the scientific method is the best way of knowing can be challenging, the method can prove itself to be perfectly accurate in some cases but may not be able to explain others.    

The scientific method involves a set of steps which are used to investigate claims and phenomenon in the world. The steps mainly include; 1 aim; 2 hypothesis; 3 method; 4 results; 5 conclusions and 6 evaluation.

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As a high school science student, the scientific method works as the fundamental rule for investigating any scientific claims or properties of the common world around us. One such example can be taken from my Physics class where we investigated the properties of light as it passed through different mediums. It is a well-known fact that light behaves differently in different mediums, even for someone not from the scientific world who has seen objects through water can tell there is something funny happening with light as it passes through it. Hence, as science students we investigate this common property using ...

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