How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge?

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How important are the opinions of experts in the search for knowledge?

Man is a social animal who needs company and advices He is distinguished from others creatures by his deep search of knowledge. Knowledge is a deep concept. It is no such thing lying around to be picked and learned. It can only be understood through our experience. It is created by us through the four ways of knowing namely-sense perception, language, reasoning and emotion. But since these ways of knowing can sometimes be misleading, man staggers in his journey to knowledge We are not living in the Garden of Eden where grows the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man has to distinguish between what is right and wrong, in this context I feel that opinions of experts are necessary.

Man shows huge faith in the power of the so called experts. An expert is a person who has a formidable authority in the subject concerned. He is experienced enough to enlighten the mind of others through his expert advice. Man has to rely on expert opinion to ascertain truth and also to justify many of his knowledge claims. In this modern world the opinions of experts in their respective fields have been very important to us. Teachers, preachers, doctors engineers and other professionals influence our lives to a great extent, and we follow their opinions blindly. For example at the hour of health problems, we consult a doctor, adhere to his opinions, following his advice, and consume the prescribed drugs never ever doubting that his advice may sometimes be detrimental, and the drugs fatal. But is a physician always right? For our career we have to seek the expert guidance of a counselor. We approach him in good faith and follow his opinion to the letter. Thus opinions are very important.

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 In the opinion of the moralists the more we torture the body the more we please the soul. We follow rites and rituals, keep fasts, undergo stringent penance strategies so as to keep a check on our temptations. But we never doubt whether such opinionated perceptions will be contributive to our search for knowledge or not. Does a soul exist?  Can these opinions ever help us establish the existence of God? Can they be constantly conducive to knowledge? Indubitably the experts have shown us the way to progress but we should remember that the opinions of an expert can be ...

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