Perception         To do this homework, I had to use only my ability of perceiving things in the environment around me. I tried this in several situations to see how the world would work without the use of our rational thinking. This was indeed very interesting, because if we weren’t able to analyze everything in our minds – this world would be a completely different place. I will describe one of the environments around me and how I felt while I was only reacting to my perception.        The first situation was during the biology class. We were in the middle of a group work. As I remembered about the
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Theory of Knowledge homework, I tried not to pay attention to the biology exercises. I looked around – the first thing that I noticed was the fact that we are inside a room, which might be a place, where people meet to socialize and do some of the daily work. Second was the fact that the people around me are trying to convince each other of something – afterwards some other emotions on the faces were noticeable. Some of the people got into despair; some were happy and were lost in thought and did not show any signs. It seemed ...

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