Final Examination – Course Reflection Dear James, This semester of IB classes made me reflect a lot on important matters that on level classes wouldn’t encourage me to reflect upon. I’ve noticed that IB really challenges students and fuels plenty of critical thinking that will definitely be helpful in life. Among all the IB courses that I attend, the one that has boosted my knowledge and sharpened my thinking the most is Theory of Knowledge. ToK is a class where important issues of various kinds are presented to students to start a debate and stimulate smart reasoning in order to analyze the question and understand how reliable that claim is. The focus of the discussion is on the quality of justification of the knowledge claim in question. In order to easily identify eventual problems in the
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claims, ToK has divided knowledge according to its origin and the way it is obtained, separating it into the 4 ways of knowing. They are sensory perception, reason, language and emotion and each of them needs to be challenged in a different way to find out how reliable its claim is. This division is very helpful because once you learn about the weaknesses of each, then you can easily look for knowledge issues in the claim and so determine its validity. For example I have noticed that human beings tend to give too much credit to sensory perception. Now that ...

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