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Doubt is the key to knowledge

Knowledge is a familiarity acquired by perception, sense, logic, emotion, faith or a report.  Knowledge is something that should be concrete as it is based on evidence and truth. Doubt is uncertainty about anything. Superficially doubt and knowledge stand poles apart. But on deep reflections, it can be analyzed that the principles of doubt are based on reasoning which stands no different from thinking. Thus the instinct of doubt may lead to knowledge, and can also be interpreted as wisdom.

Thus, doubt leads to knowledge: but can it be the key to knowledge?

Language is relevant to the theory of knowledge because it is one of the main ways in which we acquire knowledge about the world. As a TOK student, I will test the validity of the Persian proverb “doubt is the key to knowledge.”

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My essay will also elucidate as to what extent this statement applies to the areas of knowledge – math, the natural science, history, art, religion etc.

I will particularly concentrate on the two areas of knowledge namely religion and natural sciences as these areas touch our lives at every turn and corner.

“Doubt is part of all religion. All the religious thinkers were doubters.”

-        Issac Bashevis

We are living in a modern world – a world shaped by science. The modern technology has put everything under the anvil of proof and evidence. We have answers for everything ...

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