Character Analysis on 'The Stranger' by ALbert Camus

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Character Analysis on ‘The Stranger by Albert Camus’

Maman: she is the protagonist’s mother. The story begins with her death and she is also the main cause of Meursault’s death sentence in the end of the story. She lived with Meursault until he could no longer afford to take care of her and therefore Meursault sends her to a home for the old people where she meets Thomas Perez who becomes her lover. In the face of society, Meursault is condemned for his lack of sadness at her funeral and we learned that at the trial she did bear some resentment towards her son for placing her in the home. Although Maman is dead in the story, there are some of her traits and role in the story. Although Meursault says that one of the reasons why she sent her away was because they simply ran out of things to talk about but in Part two of the story, Meursault himself mentions how his mother used to tell him stories of his father, how he went to witness the execution of a murderer (pg 110, paragraph 2) Doesn’t she play a role all mothers do? She tells her boy stories about his father which shows she is loving, caring and wants Meursault to know his father. She also must have been lovable, affectionate because she found new love at an old age with Thomas Perez. She is also friendly because she had made friends (pg 5, paragraph 1) She was very observant (pg 5, paragraph 2) She is religious (pg 6, paragraph 1)

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Salamano: he is an old man who lived with his old, diseased-infested dog in Meursault’s apartment complex. He lives with his dog who replaced his late wife and the two of them are inseparable for eight years. The two of them alone in one tiny room, they’ve ended up looking like each other. They look as if they belong to the same species, and yet they hate each other. They go out for a walk twice a day, same route for eight years.

-Mean-although the poor dog keeps him company throughout the years, he still beats the dog and swears ...

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