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A leaked UN report on Somalia has alleged that much of the money received by the interim government has been frittered away.

The allegations of such high-level corruption have shocked many, with estimates that around 70% of money intended for development and reconstruction in a country racked by 20 years of war was unaccounted for.

The government, whose mandate expires next month, dismissed them as "absolutely and demonstrably false".

But the 198-page report, and due to be discussed by the Security Council, contains many other revelations. Here are 10 other things we have learnt:

1: Floating armouries

Some ships travelling through the Red Sea and around the east coast of Africa increasingly use private security firms to prevent pirates based in Somalia from seizing their vessels.

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But because many countries in the region will not allow them to work from their territories, these firms are increasingly turning to what the UN calls "floating armouries", which the report says is a "new and highly profitable business".

They are typically older ships such as tugs, supply and research vessels - used as platforms for storing and transferring weapons and ammunition at sea, outside any country's territorial waters.

They are uncontrolled and "almost entirely unregulated, posing additional legal and security challenges for all parties involved", the report said.

Some 18 vessels operating in international waters have an estimated 7,000 ...

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