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Blood Clotting & Problems

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Blood clotting: problems and solutions In today's world blood clotting is known throughout the continent, however the correct terminology would be a thrombus, the clotting of the blood can lead to a variety of problems with the human body, as the human body is an entire physical structure. This essay will explain the threat and problems to blood clotting as well as with many problems with the body there are also solutions, as well as discussing any ethical issues surrounding blood clots. The blood clot was first explained and research by Rudolph carl virchow in 1848, However blood clotting is considered as a very complex process. Below is a basic diagram to show a blood clot: (Blood_clot_diagram.png? (468 � 295 pixels, file size: 77 KB, MIME type: image/png / Author: en:User:Persian Poet Gal / date produced: 2006-12-14) The blood is very important to humans as it is just like oil in a car engine. The blood contains: * Plasma - makes up about 60% of the blood's volume in the body. Plasma is mainly made from water, but contains many different proteins and other chemicals, an example would be hormones. ...read more.


It is sometimes carried out if angioplasty is unsuccessful. It involves rerouting the blood around the affected coronary artery, using a replacement section of a blood vessel - the graft - which is usually taken from a leg vein. This helps people with dangerously narrow coronary arteries, especially if the left side of the heart is not pumping well. A blood clot that forms in the heart or a blood vessel is called a thrombus. As a flesh wound occurs to the human body, the thrombi produce onto the blood vessel walls to heal the wound, then they hopefully dissolve, but in the case if they don't dissolve, they will slow circulation, also break loose and flow with the blood, this is very dangerous as the blood clot is now traveling in the blood, this traveling blood clot then becomes stuck at some point in a blood vessels as it travels threw the blood stream, as it gets stuck it is known as an embolus, even though this is less common but it is very dangerous. Not all blood clots may oppose a threat, this would be due to the size and where the clot has occurred in the body. ...read more.


As we progress with life, we must make sure we live a healthy lifestyle; however in today's world, where people have work and a very busy life keeping up with life itself, it is very hard to stay healthy. With blood clotting there come many problems such as it can lead to a heart attack; however with most problems comes a solution, not just a solution but many solutions, depending on the exact situation of the blood clot. A lot of research has been put into blood clots, as a way of finding a more efficient and patient friendly way to treat it. As a multicultural society, we all have a different diet, we humans find it hard to adapt to a healthy society due to the fact of different kind of food available. An example would be far eastern people who have a very high chili diet, as this increases blood pressure and leads to heart disease. Overall there are many problems but there are excellent solutions available, but blood clot is a life threatening situation, and should be taken seriously and should not be ignored. A wide range of health care advice is available and should be taken up. ...read more.

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