Fox Hunting - Right or Wrong

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Fox Hunting – Right or Wrong

Fox hunting is an extremely gory sport in which a group of posh hunters slaughter an innocent fox for fun.

        Up to 30 dogs and a large group of mounted hunters chase the poor fox for miles, tormenting it all the way. The dogs do not attack it all at once and put it out of its misery. Instead they are trained to disable it, so that it can not escape and then the hunters can kill it and parade its head and tail around like a trophy.

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        The fox is not only outnumbered but it also has nowhere to run or hide. The reason that the fox has nowhere to run is that the hunters have filled in all it’s holes, not  considering that it might have it’s young in there. Now it does not have time to hide so it decides to run and if it runs the hunters know that they will catch it.

        To make one fur coat you must kill sixty-five wild mink, thirty-five mink, forty sables, eleven lynx, forty-two red fox, eleven silver fox, one hundred chinchillas, thirty-five rabbits, nine beavers, thirty ...

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